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Moderna Museet

On one of the tiniest of Stockholm’s many islands we found what seemed like a rather unassuming entrance to a gallery. Oh hej Moderna Museet. Easily one of the best modern art museums we’ve ever been in. It might have been the gentle snowfall outside and the promise of a gingerbread exhibition which romanticised the experience but there really was a little bit of magic (and fika) the day we visited.


Olafur Eliasson

But nothing prepared us for the main exhibition: inspo heavy Olafur Eliasson. Who knew a room of acetate and a yellow light would be so captivating?

Not to mention their impressive permanent collection; a who’s who of modern art. Dan was in his element reciting his degree research!

Pair that with lots of lovely surprise vantage points looking out across the tiny island with full height windows perfectly framing the view of the harbour and snow.

IMG_0476 IMG_0484 IMG_0486 IMG_0498 IMG_0503 IMG_0509IMG_0510IMG_0599 IMG_0565 IMG_0548 IMG_0607IMG_0662 IMG_0652 IMG_0609IMG_0649

Nöttopp & Gingerbread

Yes, you really did read a Gingerbread Exhibition. As gingerbread house builders, the smell was everything we wished our annual christmas batch was. And maybe we should mention the the gold at the end of the acetate rainbow… Cafe Blom’s nöttopp. Anders has been obsessed ever since.

What a wonderful way to while away an afternoon away from the harshness of Sweden’s winter.

Anders & Dan

IMG_0621 IMG_0640 IMG_0628IMG_0672

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