2018 We’re not normally ones to reflect on the previous year but as it was such a special one we couldn’t help it, so we’ve summed up 10 moments that made our 2018. Getting [...]

Warm Travel Checklist

The Warm: A Travel Checklist Do you remember when we traveled the Baltics for 13 days and it was freezing? We were facing subzero (- 13°C) temperatures! At the time we put together a Cold Travel [...]

Wedding Party Sewing

Wedding Party Sewing We wanted everyone in our immediate wedding party to have a handmade element to their outfit. For the bridesmaids this was the dresses/outfits and for the groomsmen we decide [...]

Cookie Policy

This site uses cookies – small text files that are placed on your machine to help the site provide a better user experience. In general, cookies are used to retain user preferences, store [...]

Designing a Wedding

Designing a Wedding As any designer will tell you, designing anything for yourself is always tough. A normal day in the studio involves me working to a brief set by a client, researching their [...]

DIY Wedding Dress

I made my own wedding dress This isn’t a ‘how to make a wedding dress’ post (although I have listed some homemade wedding dress resources at the end!). This is an anecdotal account of the [...]

Our wedding day

Our wedding day It’s been over three months since our big day and after reveling in all the photos, videos, cards, notes in our guestbook, hilarious pub quiz answer sheets and excellent portraits [...]

Our Wedding Video

Our Wedding Video We’re super excited today to share our wedding video that was expertly filmed and edited by the wonderful Luis at The Wedding Video Guys. Should you get a Videographer? [...]