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In the wake of our ‘Do More, See More, Learn More’ mantra we set ourselves the challenge to travel A-Z around the world.

Somewhere beginning with X

It’s easy to say “travel more” and “see more” but this was too vague for us. We hadn’t heard of anyone doing it before, and the thought of finding a worthwhile destination beginning with X was tantalising enough to push us to agree to it. (Let us know if you live in one!)

We then started planning our very first adventure. We booked that dreaded first week back after Christmas and used that “jammy week off” to plan something we’d never done together. With the alphabet in mind we started to plot places we really wanted to go in January.


It was a no-brainer! Northern lights, snowy landscapes, what more could we want? Alas it was not meant to be, increasing prices and some landmarks being shut the duration of our stay really put us off the four-day jaunt.


So instead we decided to look at how much we had to spend, how much time we had off, and what else we could do. Our plans snowballed from a city break to three destinations in 10 days. Could we really afford and cope with three back-to-back city breaks?!

It didn’t matter – our flights to Stockholm, Copenhagen and Budapest were as good as booked! So with that our alphabet travel began, changing our lives forever and Dandy Does was born. Follow us for city guides of *hopefully* 26 destinations! Why not find out a little bit more about us?

Where next? Who knows…

Dan & Andrea

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