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Breakfast at the beach


Our normal Sunday ritual is to wake up early and to go for a jog come rain or shine. However last Sunday we thought we’d give ourselves a break from the norm (we were still technically on holiday) and treat ourselves to breakfast on the beach in West Mersea and a chance to reminisce on what was a lovely holiday in Protaras.

Dandy Does Breakfast on the Beach
Dandy Does Breakfast on the Beach
Dandy Does Mersea Dandy Does Mersea

Vitamin Sea

Mersea is a firm favourite of ours and as a couple it’s a place very close to our hearts. When times were tough when saving every penny to buy a place we could call our home we would often head to the beach. Sometimes just hearing the waves or the distinct smell of seaweed would help put everything in to perspective. We also enjoyed seeing in the New Year at Mersea a few years ago with a few cherry beers and free firework displays from parties along the beach front.

Dandy Does Mersea Dandy Does Mersea Dandy Does Mersea

Breakfast + dogs

We absolutely love being by the sea no matter where we are. Sure, Protoras and its postcard perfect beach was incredible, but Mersea, although very saturated in comparison (especially on an average British Sunday) still looked pretty special in our eyes. Walking along the beach can be therapeutic and made even better when greeted by happy dogs wagging their tails. Maybe the dogs were more interested in our breakfast, in particular the massive croissant from the new cafe in Mersea! YUM.

Where next?

Mersea offers another perk – a place for us to gaze out into the sea and for us to dream up our next location. Where will that be?

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