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Autumn Plans

Last weekend we decided to soak up the last of the summer sun and enjoy breakfast in the park while discussing our Autumn plans. Carluccios has recently opened in our home town and we honestly think they may very well have the BEST almond croissants we’ve ever had the pleasure of devouring. We ordered two to go and headed to our local park. It has a castle in it. A CASTLE.

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Indian Summer

September has been unseasonably warm. It’s been amazing and has prolonged that summer feeling for us. Some how were now in to October and this time next week we’ll be keeping that feeling going just a little bit longer in Lisbon.

Lisbon has been on the cards for a while but we’ve done very little planning. We’ll be spending 4 days and 3 nights there and can’t wait to explore the city. Everything we’ve read, seen and heard has had that wow factor so we really can’t wait to get there.  So far we’re eyeing up a day trip to Sintra, some pastéis de nata and lots of azulejos. But as you read these I’m pretty sure we’re frantically googling “Where to eat in Lisbon”.


We thought the rest of October was going to be quiet but it’s become far from it. We’ve booked tickets to another beer festival which we’ll be enjoying with friends at the end of the month. And we’ll hopefully be visiting friends in Oxford too. The end of the month will see Anders explore Brighton with her ladies. So expect a very girly post about that at some point.

We’ve also been filming a bit whilst we’ve been city hopping this summer. We’re currently retrospectively editing footage and hope to launch our YouTube channel this month. Expect montage vlogs.. we’re not quite ready for our close up. If you’re interested you can SUBSCRIBE here.


November is one of our favourite months anyway. But this month is set to be even more special with the arrival of one of our friends first babes. Not to mention one of the last chances to enjoy some ‘us’ time before the furore of Christmas really sets in. After Lisbon we think we’ll be in the mood to tile just about everything we can. But if we can practice some self restraint you might see our first DIY on the blog as we tile our kitchen.

It also includes the BEST British celebration – Guy Fawkes Night! And those Autumnal sunsets at 5pm really are something. You’ll no doubt see our Instagram awash with dreamy pink skies.

The Squirrel

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Ahhhhh! How cute is our breakfast companion? He charmed us out of our toasted almonds topping and it wasn’t long until he was rummaging in the bag for the crumbs!

What do you have planned for Autumn?

Anders & Dan.

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