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Winter Plans

It’s the start of the year and we’re just about to go into the coldest part of winter. So naturally we’ve booked a trip to the Baltics and Nordics. Well done us.


After our trip to Lisbon we were completely obsessed with tiles, so after tiling our kitchen just after Christmas it’s spurred us on to tick off other things we wanted to do around the house. We’re currently mid-decoration – adding colour to walls, hanging pictures and we’ve finally bought a hallway stand/organiser after 18months of “hanging” our coats on the back of our desk chairs.

We can’t wait to share what we’ve done – it’s been long overdue! Our generically decorated flat is starting to feel more like ours. Dandy Does Interiors yo!

We’re also trying to distract ourselves from spending money – as in February we’ve booked our next trip! So this month we’re planning, planning, planning!


Our annual leave calendar runs April-March so with (how?!) two weeks of leave left on our allowance we decided to book it all in one go. We loved, LOVED, the excitement and adventure of our multi-city trip last winter so we couldn’t resist another. It’s going to get cold, real cold in these parts.

In February we set off on our next adventure. Five cities, five countries, thirteen days. We are SOOOO excited!! Eeeeppp. Vilnius > Riga > Tallinn > Helsinki > Copenhagen (our beloved).

We don’t really know what to expect of the Baltics or another Nordic country but the cherry on the trip has to be our return to Denmark.



With little thought beyond February we’re not all too sure what March will have in store for us – but with so much to write up about our trips, the blog will be awash with hopefully a lot of inspiration. And a video or two! With no annual leave for the month, we’ll have to spend our free time refocusing on what we want for Dandy Does and to start planning once again.

What does your winter have in store?

Andrea & Dan x

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