The Baltics Vlog

The Baltics Vlog We know you’ve avidly followed #dandydoesbaltics over on Instagram and you’ve read the city guides. Now for the encore! Watch our Baltics adventure in our brand new [...]

Best of Baltic Food

Best of Baltic Food There’s no denying it. We’re massive foodies. So it won’t come as a surprise when I say that feasting on a country’s national dish, is equally as important to us as taking in [...]


Tallinn Tallinn was the one capital in the Baltic countries we knew was going to be good. We’d read plenty, seen plenty and our friends had given us plenty to get excited about before [...]


Riga Riga may not be your first thought for a European city break. But don’t write it off it’s so much more than a “cheap party” destination. Amazing architecture, great food scene, friendly [...]


Vilnius “Vilnius” he said “we’re starting our winter holiday in Vilnius”. I hate to say it but it was met with an “eh?” quickly followed by a [...]

Spring Playlist

Spring Playlist Spring is here! We’ve complied a Dandy Does Spring playlist. It might be a nice companion to your first 2017 cup of tea sitting in the garden, or a calming influence during [...]