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Spring Plans

We always love spring. It’s when we first got together and we can’t help but look back as we near our anniversary. It also signals the start of our new annual leave calendar. The weathers on the up, blossom on the tree and daffodils showing their happy little faces again. What’s not to love about spring?

Do More

It’s mid-spring already though, so we’ve sort of missed half of the season plan wise. Oops!

To celebrate our anniversary we’re indulging in a bit of nostalgia and heading to the south coast to recreate one of our first mini-breaks together. Although we’re not planning on heading to Whitstable this time (we went three times in our first year together!) we are planning on spending a long weekend sorta road tripping from Hastings, via Camber Sands & Dungeness and onward to the Kent coast, we may even squeeze an afternoon in Canterbury in!

Dandy Does Whitsabledandy-doesDandy_Does Dandy_Does

But there’s still so much of Europe let alone the rest of the world we want to see! After all, we’re only part way though our A-Z plan. Not to mention Dan’s new desire to travel to every European capital!

With our new holiday allowance – we haven’t stopped questioning HOW we’ll spend our well-earned leave this year! With Dan turning the big 3-0 this year we’re already putting big plans in motion. I’m also secretly hoping we’ll spend at least some of it in Japan… but let’s just concentrate on this spring for now!

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We’re devoting more and more of our weekends to #ddlocaladventures! They’re really making us appreciate where we live. Many moons ago we dreamed of moving abroad or at least to a new county. But it’s not all bad in these parts: we’ve gone on more walks, visited more local landmarks, and enjoyed the scenery so much more.

Dandy_DoesDandy Does Mersea Dandy_Does

We’re very lucky to live close to lots of countryside, seaside, and nature reserves. We’re actually planning on starting a local adventures series – in a similar akin to our city guides but for where we live. Why not? And to think we were ever bored of our surroundings!

With new albums and tours from some of our trusted favourites as well as uncovering lots of amazing new music – we’re certainly keen to listen to more of it live. We’re scouring every tour listing and maybe we’ll even venture to a festival or two – although – the line-ups are just not spectacular anymore. What’s happened?


Learn More

When we first conceptualised Dandy Does we did have ‘Try More’ as a principle for about two months, but it became a bit of a mouthful. We thought that all three would encompass the try more ethos to some extent.

This year, as well as this season, we want to learn more. We want to try more and to get more hands on. We’re both learners by doing and as we look back over the last year we’ve certainly been doing a lot of doing. But now it’s time for us to learn.


Dandy Does Semlor

We’re thinking cooking courses, bread making, beer brewing, flower arranging or gardening, pottery, and to be honest just about anything. Sure, we’re pretty good cooks, and not bad bakers. We don’t have a garden and pottery sounds like a wobbly pot waiting to happen! But it’ll be fun; we may surprise ourselves and be good at something. That feeling of I did that is hard to beat no matter how wobbly the outcome.

Has spring sprung for you yet? Let us know on Facebook!

Andrea x

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