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How to spend Bank Holiday Weekend

Bank Holiday season is creeping up on us. We’re sure you’ve seen that calculation doing the rounds of “9 days off for 18 days of leave” (Book 18-28th April, if you’re interested). It tempted us too but we probably won’t be so lucky to get those days approved by the boss. To add salt to the wound, you probably know by now that your gloating colleague swooped in there ages ago to secure this super holiday bonanza.

But why should that stop you from getting the most out of those “free days” off? We’ve round up three places for you to head off to this spring and get back in time for work on Tuesday morning.

Viva the long weekend!


About three years ago a group of us went to the Italian island to celebrate a friend’s birthday. We hired a car, explored the coastal towns and even got a bit of sun. Not to mention all that gelato and arancini.

We’d love to recreate this trip one day. It was near perfect!

Flights to Sicily from London take around 3 hours . And with daily flights it’s easy to get there and back in a long weekend.

Dandy Does Dandy Does Dandy Does Dandy Does Dandy Does Dandy Does Dandy Does Dandy Does

Beautiful stretches of long sandy beaches on the south coast and rocky mountainous Etna to the north there really is so much to explore on this little island.

We stayed in Marina di Ragusa, a very small town on the south coast – we explored to the east of the island visiting Siracusa and Ortigia. The architecture is stunning, the scenery tropical and the temperature very comfortable, we couldn’t think of a better time to visit the beautiful island of Sicily.


Well it’s probably a no-brainer we’d suggest this for a long weekend away. We love the place. And visiting in spring would mean, Tivoli would be open again for you to get some good springtime hygge under your belt. Despite widespread rumour, hygge is a lot more than cosy blankets and wintery days. Trust us!

Getting to Copenhagen is super quick and easy and getting to and from the airport an absolute doddle. So you can really maximise your time in the city.

You can easily explore the city and take in everything you might like in 2-3 days. We’ve been twice since Dandy Does started and you can read about our first trip here.

Dandy Does Dandy Does Dandy Does Dandy Does Dandy Does Dandy Does Dandy Does Dandy Does Dandy Does Dandy Does Dandy Does

Our highlights include the Rundtaarn, Nyhavn (of course) and Paper Island is you wanna be a tourist – but there’s so much to do it’s very hard for us to just narrow it down to these three alone.

Let alone the food & drink (Warpigs is a must – smoked beer, people, smoked beer!).


It was really difficult to toss up UK with overseas (Paris, Lisbon we’re looking at you!). We realised not everyone will have the budget or the clear diary to sneak off to dreamy locations in our continent. Equally, at such short notice we think you’d probably be hard pushed to find accommodation for a UK mini-break. Let alone the cost – I wish we were exaggerating!

We didn’t want to suggest anywhere either as our land is so diverse. Instead we wanted to set you off with a different mentality for the weekend(s). There’s so much to enjoy locally that instead of suggesting going abroad – perhaps take a weekend to explore your local surroundings like a tourist.

Go on a walk, go to a gallery, stop in a town you drive through all the time but have never seen. Get out of the car and go explore it. Follow the brown signs no matter how odd and experience them. Go to the place you say you’d always like to go.

Head somewhere you’ve never been (or been a thousand times) and more importantly don’t let the weather stop you. If you’re in Lisbon, Paris or Sicily and woke up to rain, you wouldn’t stay indoors and waiting for it to pass. Well, we’d hope you wouldn’t!

Dandy Does SummerDandy_Does_Brighton

Just because you decided to stay home, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t feel like a holiday. You might be surprised what there is within a 20 minutes radius. In a year and a half of Dandy Does we’ve experienced so many new things locally so we’d like you to do the same. Love where you live!

We’re planning to stay local too. Follow our local adventures on Instagram and show us what you get up to with #ddlocaladventures

Andrea & Dan

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