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Our Wedding Video

We’re super excited today to share our wedding video that was expertly filmed and edited by the wonderful Luis at The Wedding Video Guys.

Should you get a Videographer?

Yes. Gone are the days of boring, dry, documentation of the days captured on a wibbly handycam by an Uncle that hasn’t quite learned to use focus. They’re exciting, cinematic, beautiful documentations of your day. Literally why wouldn’t you want that?!

Deep into wedding research, Anders fell madly in love with wedding videos. She was watching them everyday: randoms, celebrities, bloggers, searching the videographer tag on Rock My Wedding. Sobbing at every single one too – sobbing at strangers videos. She basically couldn’t get enough.

It got to the point where we realised, we couldn’t imagine not being able to do the same thing over our video. Yes, Dan got caught up in it too!

We were recommended The Wedding Video Guys by a friend and after watching all of their videos we were hooked.

Luis was great to work with, so friendly and we love, love, LOVE our final video. He was also like a filming silent assassin – getting the shot but we barely noticed him, which is what you want from your videographer!

Along with our photographer – which before our wedding hadn’t even met each other – they were a total dream team on the day.

The surprising thing for us is how attainable videography at this standard is. If you think you can’t afford it – think again. They always say afford the best photographer you can. The sentiments the same for wedding videography too. Invest in the documentation. You won’t regret it. It’s something you can literally watch on repeat for life. Trust us – the day is over before you know it, so overwhelming and your memories turn into a blur (in a really good, deliriously happy kinda way!)


Something we’ll cherish forever – thank you so much Luis! And yes, we’ve already watched it repeatedly and will continue to do so until our neighbours can recite the music. It’s just that good.

Those curious our songs are:

The Maccabees – Toothpaste Kisses

Mr Jukes – Angel/Your Love

We hope you enjoy the video. Especially if you’re F&F and are spotting yourself in it – how surreal is this?!

Dan & Anders

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