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The Warm: A Travel Checklist

Do you remember when we traveled the Baltics for 13 days and it was freezing? We were facing subzero (- 13°C) temperatures! At the time we put together a Cold Travel checklist and it’s been super handy for all our trips since.

Whenever this goes live we’ll be in slightly warmer climes – on our honeymoon – so it seemed a shame we never got round to updating it for warmer weather! It’s currently averaging 25°C across Japan. Woo hoo!

Before you go

Check our last travel checklist post for some really handy tips for before you go!! From kickstarting your Google My Map to stalking the weather it’s still relevant regardless of where you’re going!

We’re heading long haul this time so our pre-travel plans involve a little more logistics and planning. This is the first time we’re heading so far we need to factor in jet lag on our arrival. So tactical sleeps on the plane have been worked out and sleep masks invested in. It’s also been well over a decade since either of us flew long-haul so we’re not the spring chickens we once were.

We know ZERO Japanese, and something tells us its not going to be like every European country we’ve visited and feebly attempted the native tongue before resorting to English. We’re practicing phrases, getting familiar with the characters and playing with the Google Translate app.

We’ve also checked our flights, connections and the airports we’re flying into. We’re even preparing for all eventualities by planning out our first day itinerary to the T. After that we’re taking it easy, and seeing where the trip takes us!

What to Pack

This time we’re going FULL capsule wardrobe. We’re away for almost three weeks and we’ll be fully taking advantage of the laundry services available at the hostels, hotels and maybe even the yurt, we’re staying in.

Have you heard of the 10×10 challenge? Well as we’re away for 20 days we’re going for the 20×20 challenge. Or less. If we can manage it. It’s going to be an exercise in self-restraint. And we’re both pretty excited about the idea of it.

AND we’re only packing one medium suitcase between us! Expect fully rolled clothes in every boot, nook and cranny.

On the day

Is it weird we’re kinda excited by being cut off from the world for a whole 19 hours on our flights? It’s the perfect excuse to relax and not worry about checking our phones. We’ll be watching the most random things on in-flight entertainment we can find and  judging the plane food Great British Menu style. Ultimately, it’s the perfect excuse to wear secret pyjamas all day.

The only must we’re packing in our carry on is a little toiletry refresher: toothbrush, toothpaste, mini micellar water and deo etc. So we can take the day off and feel a little more human on the other side.

The Checklist

Ok, so here’s the useful thing. You can print or save the pdf to your device so you’ll never have to be without it whilst you’re planning. You can download our free warm checklist here! We hope you find it useful – let us know if you use it by tweeting, tagging us on instagram or using our #dandy_does.

We hope you enjoy your trip!

Andrea & Dan

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