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We’re not normally ones to reflect on the previous year but as it was such a special one we couldn’t help it, so we’ve summed up 10 moments that made our 2018.

Getting Married

It’s obviously top of the list. But we mean the actual vows and legal bit. The day was excellent, and it of course features, but that moment it became official was one of the best feelings in the world. Everyone asks (newlywed bingo!), what changes? And whilst our day-to-day is identical. For us it was starting our family unit. It may be just the two of us for now but it doesn’t make us any less a family.

Ticking Japan off the bucket-list

We may not have shared our blogs about Japan yet – and we assure you, we’re getting round to it – but it felt like a dream come true finally going somewhere you’ve spoken about for so long. It was three of the best weeks of our entire life. We fell hook, line and sinker for the place. Everything from the food, to the culture to the people. We loved every second. We can’t wait to relive our trip, look through the photos and finally write it up.

Dandy Does Japan | Kyoto Dandy Does Japan | Naoshima Dandy Does Japan | Mt Fuji

Hen do & Stag do

A long weekend with your friends in the sun in Lisbon and Bucharest. As neither of us had really ever been on proper friends [lads, lads, lads] holiday. It was so much fun to go away and forget all our wedding stress for one weekend of fun. And although Anders got laryngitis and Dan got stuck in an airport for the best part of a day. It still counts.

Throwing the party of our lives

We said from the very start ‘our reception’ was going to be a big party. We wanted everyone to have fun. And we think we nailed it. It was awesome. We’ll never forgot dancing the night away with our nearest and dearest. Even if we didn’t get a Crouch Street Bakes blondie!

Dandy Does | Our Wedding Day | Image: Jess Soper Photography

Being in a band, again

It had been 10 years since Dan last performed live! There was no question we’d have him perform at the wedding. He assembled a band for the night and even though it was all covers this time, the process has inspired him to pick up his guitar more, practice more and maybe one day we can convince him to join or start his own band again. It’s been a delight to hear around the flat. And the band was everyone’s highlight of the night, except that one terrible karaoke cover.

Getting our wedding video and photos back

In all honesty, it was two of the most exciting days when both dropped. You can watch our wedding video here. And scroll through some of our pics here. We couldn’t be happier we chose both mediums to record our wedding. We promise our last wedding related highlight.

Welcoming our baby niece

We don’t often share our extended family on the blog. But a brand new edition to the family has really topped the year off. We loved watching her grow and develop over the last four months and we’re totally smitten.

The long hot summer and snowy winter

Okay, it’s almost definitely a sign of global warming so perhaps we shouldn’t be celebrating it. Experiencing a proper snowy winter was everything they describe in the songs. Then followed by a long hot summer, distracted us from our wait to honeymoon. We can’t remember a year like it and we loved experiencing seasons this year.

Dandy Does 2018

Dandy Does 2018

New beginnings

Dan started a new job this year and it shook up our routine for the better. We used to work for the same company, we’d spend our lunch breaks and commutes together and whilst we loved it and missed it to start with. Coming home after a long day to each other is so lovely, we’d forgotten how spoilt we’d been over the last four years. Our time off together seems even better, especially this Crimbo Limbo, it’s bliss.

No to-do list

Of course, there’s always a list! But these past two months, after Japan, have been wonderful. We’ve had nothing ‘To-Do’. No wedding to plan, no saving schedule to stick to, no honeymoon to organise and a free schedule. We’ve relaxed, reflected and been able to set longer term goals than just those related to our immediate plans. We’ve spent weekends just watching boxsets and evenings playing Scrabble with no guilt of ‘what we should be doing’. Nothing has been a great way to end the year.


We’re so ready for 2019, we feel refreshed in every sense of the word. Our main goal is to buy our first house. Our Pinterest boards are overflowing with ideas but before then we need to become first time sellers.

We also want to perfect sourdough and have our starter, err growing?, as we speak.

Anders has a few personal goals, like finally learning to swim and to finally get her driving licence, but these are more related to turning 30 next year, than any resolution. And as for Dan, all he really wants is a home studio, a new guitar and to get a pet. Let’s see how we get on.

Happy New Year!

Dan & Anders

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