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Setting Intentions

Long time no type.

Well, we just re-read our lovely wholesome last post on these pages and it’s really amazing just how very little foresight we had. Or where we’d be next time we wrote anything longer than an instagram caption.

That Japan post is still in draft. But as our memories keep reminding us it was exactly two years ago since we were there so we probably should just hit publish. Our next post should really be about Japan. And sadly, still no pet.

A very quick catch up.

We went to Seville, Malta and Yorkshire for the first time last year. We even squeezed in a trip to Paris and had some more Colorova goodness. Maybe we’ll endeavour to write up guides — one day. We also got really into our sourdough (yes, the irony!). We even went to one of the best gigs of our life.

Of course, we hoped to move and we did sell our flat. It took the majority of 2019 and many, many viewings to get an offer. That means for six months of 2019 ALL hobbies (sewing, music, baking etc) were packed neatly out of sight and we lived in a weird hyper-tidy home. It then took a further six months to complete the sale. So we didn’t do an awful lot during that time. We were well into 2020 and actually completed a couple of days after lockdown was announced.

Excellent timing.

But we did take a gamble and bought a beautiful home in the rough. We offered in the November and stupidly assumed we’d fly through the buying process. And we hoped that would happen, because we found out we were pregnant and wanted to move into our new home swiftly and nest. We underestimated how long our sale would take and what impact that would have on our purchase. It was frustrating to say the least.

We also underestimated how rough our diamond was but were optimistic we’d get it up to scratch quickly as we had a builder lined up to do the big stuff and the enthusiasm and time to do the little stuff. But the builder pulled out in the 11th hour, which left us a bit stuck with a house we couldn’t visit due to lockdown.


As we all know the last six months have been… unprecedented!! So of course, nothing quite went to plan. But it’s worked out for the best. We found people we would NEVER of crossed paths with to crack on and get the project up and running. And although stressful, we’re managing the whole thing ourselves.

And we did welcome our baby during all the lockdown madness. Which was a rollercoaster in itself, without all the panny-d thrown in. But through all the anxieties of lockdown and the repetition of our days, we feel so lucky we have a literal bundle of joy to light our hearts up and keep us distracted from the mess of everything else around us.

So that brings us pretty neatly up to today.

And lately…

We’ve both been talking about the blog and our internet persona of Dandy and of course Dandy Does — a lot. Wanting to get more from it, do more for it, restart this space. Develop it. Grow it.


Well one day, in the probably very distant future, we hope to do something, start something, create a thing. And when eventually decide upon what the THING is, even if it’s only ever a side THING, it would probably be good to have an audience to present this THING to.

Dandy Does has never reached the potential we really wanted it to. We started it 5 years ago now (!) and we set up all the social media to run alongside our secret travel blog. We started to document our adventures to force us out of our comfort zone and travel more and we naively hoped we might get a travel related freebie, eventually, if we amassed enough of a following. Of course if that was our actual intention we could’ve found the followers but our intention was to travel and explore and we did this and we still do. So the numbers didn’t matter. They still don’t, not really.

Since our secretive early days

A lot more people we KNOW follow us and that’s quite daunting to maintain the persona. As you can probably tell, we share stuff like “bloggers” (or try to at least). And for a long time we’ve just found having a persona online so very useful for us to have because we have both found learning and understanding new tools very valuable to our day-to-day jobs. Especially on the blog side of things for Dan: WordPress, a bit of coding and keeping on top of video editing skills; and for Anders: Creative Suite, writing posts and editing photos. For both of us it’s been really valuable to learn social media as it’s something that we’ve both been a bit reluctant to use to share the ins and outs of our lives on, on a truly personal level.

So if our intentions are to grow Dandy Does it seems a good a time as any as one of us is on maternity leave (with no mummy social life – well not the social life she imagined, thanks covid) and therefore dicking about on the internet a lot. Let’s face it, the time could be better spent invested in Dandy Does.

So what can you expect?

We’ll be experimenting, playing and having fun with insta and posting consistently because that seems to be the no.1 top tip for “growing”. To be honest, blogs will be tricky, and who reads long form anymore, anyway? But we’ll give it a go. Maybe we’ll share some of our historic adventures and content collected. You bet we filmed our way around Japan. But we absolutely do not have time to reignite sharing across ALL social media platforms – they don’t feel too relevant to us anyway. So basically we’re warning you that we’ll be posting more on instagram and might say “link in bio” a lot more.

Our content will probably be dominated by our renovation for now. Dan is at the house regularly and project managing this stage of the renovation. Naturally, he’ll be sharing a lot of what he’s up to there. We’re embarking on the biggest project we’ve ever done. We are putting a lot of our time and our money on the line to build our forever home. To be honest, we’ll probably be in debt up to our eyeballs when we can move in. Let alone when it’s finished. Naturally, it will feature heavily in the coming months. But we don’t want to create another home account from DD, our ethos still remains the same: See more. Do more. Learn more.

There’s still lots to see despite government enforced restrictions. We still have our own personal interests and hobbies we would love to get back to doing. And if 2020 has taught us all anything, we all have a lot more learning to do.

But of course, don’t forget

If you do not know us personally, or even if you do: please, do not compare the perceived life that we’re dicking about on the internet with and very selectively sharing with you, with actual real life. It’s an app and version of ourselves. And it’s something we need to remind ourselves of all too frequently too.

So we hope our teeny tiny space on the internet might get a teeny bit bigger. At least that’s our intention. Wow so much thought and word vomit to basically say, we’re back and we want to spam you with posts and hashtags on insta – soz.

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