Setting Intentions

Setting Intentions Long time no type. Well, we just re-read our lovely wholesome last post on these pages and it’s really amazing just how very little foresight we had. Or where we’d be next time [...]


2018 We’re not normally ones to reflect on the previous year but as it was such a special one we couldn’t help it, so we’ve summed up 10 moments that made our 2018. Getting [...]

Spring Plans

Spring Plans We always love spring. It’s when we first got together and we can’t help but look back as we near our anniversary. It also signals the start of our new annual leave calendar. The [...]

Spring Playlist

Spring Playlist Spring is here! We’ve complied a Dandy Does Spring playlist. It might be a nice companion to your first 2017 cup of tea sitting in the garden, or a calming influence during [...]

Winter Plans

Winter Plans It’s the start of the year and we’re just about to go into the coldest part of winter. So naturally we’ve booked a trip to the Baltics and Nordics. Well done us. [...]

A year of Dandy Does

A Year of Dandy Does Despite the constant horrors that have plagued society this year, a “written off” year, 2016 was was more than alright for us. In fact it was one of our best yet [...]

Autumn Plans

Autumn Plans Last weekend we decided to soak up the last of the summer sun and enjoy breakfast in the park while discussing our Autumn plans. Carluccios has recently opened in our home town and [...]

Summer Plans

Summer Plans Is that a bit of sunshine and blue sky poking out of the overcast mass of grey fluffy cloud? I think it is!! Which can only mean one thing – Summer has officially begun. Cyprus [...]

A-Z Travel

A-Z Travel In the wake of our ‘Do More, See More, Learn More’ mantra we set ourselves the challenge to travel A-Z around the world. Somewhere beginning with X It’s easy to say [...]